Silver Work with Dave

Pre Christmas we took Fingers and thumbs to some events locally to show off all that we do. With the studio being in the front of the shop, many people do not know we do classes in different crafts. I did a bit of silver smithing for 2 years at collage so we offer our ‘Silver Experience’ where people can try their hand at some silver creations.

Dave Muldoon, local landscape gardener who has his own company( ) also makes beautiful wooden creations with the addition of an antler or two from my fathers collection wanted to give silver a bit of a try. I have to say he was a natural!!20160302_145119_opt

He made a few items as extra special Christmas gifts. Then a couple of weeks ago, just in time for his wonderful and talented sisters birthday (Eilidh Muldoon he came to have 20160303_175129_optanother go.

He was able to create a visual sound wave of a family saying which meant a lot to Eilidh, He then set about cutting and shaping the silver sheet. We etched the ‘sound wave’ onto the silver and soldered on a bail. An oxidising fluid was applied to make the lines clear.

A bit of polishing & finishing later we were able to add a chain, pop it in a wee box and send him on his way (to probably win a ‘Best brother in the world award’!!)

Well done Dave!! Your creations are so thoughtful and original. Its a pleasure to be able to share my knowledge and skills with you.

See you soon.

If you would like to give your silver skills a go why not book your very own Silver Experience?



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