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20160324_132135_optOn Monday our 5 new residents arrived at the shop. Bought from Dunbar Garden Centre our four Fantails and one Weather Loach were introduced to their new home at the Fingers and Thumbs aquarium. They seem to be right at home.

Since their arrival we have held a free competition to be entered by absolutely everyone & anyone to name the Fantails. There are ceramic painting prizes to be won by the people who suggested the chosen names.

20160324_132201-1_optThe winning names are;

Oliver… Thank you Oliver

Tiddler… Thank you Milo

Popeye… Thank you Valarie

Sushi… Thank you Fergus

There are ceramic prizes for each of you so why not pop in over the Easter Holidays to claim your reward20160325_100623-1_opt

The Weather Loach is called Riba (Bulgarian for fish. Thank you Tedy, you can have a prize too…)

I would like to thank everyone who entered by face book, email and of course in person at the shop. Have a Great Easter Weekend everyone!

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