RNLI Competition


Paper mache frenzie




Hungry Work!


Ta Da!

Earlier this year a volunteer from the North Berwick lifeboat crew let us know that the Yellow Welly Competition would take part on the May holiday weekend.

It gave the Thursday after school class a brilliant project as it was to be a window display that included the famous YELLOW WELLY!

We chose to make a giant welly, it was hungry work!



What Boot?

It was too big to keep, but I’m pretty sure the youngsters had as much fun destroying it as they did making it! (Maybe more…)


Lots of questions…

As a treat for getting first prize, we got a tour of the NB RNLI station, our first After school class trip!!

Well done to all the after school class, we will have to get thinking about next year’s entry? And a massive THANK YOU to the fantastic NB RNLI!!!


Thank You NB RNLI

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