|Come along and see our one of a kind, kiln slumped bottles! Each one has been heated to 730 degrees, causing it to bend and slump into unique and exciting platters, bowls and clocks (we even planted cactuses in one!) They are the perfect gift for any friend or family that enjoys a tipple.

We Decorated!

The Activities Room was looking a tiny bit tired… It now has a lovely Woodland theme to inspire your crafting.   Everything you would want from a walk in the woods including Creatures, Clothes Pegged Leaves, Paper Mache birdies, A Beehive Blackboard, Windmill Flowers & a Rope Swing Planter. The perfect place for Parties and workshops!!

RNLI Competition

    Earlier this year a volunteer from the North Berwick lifeboat crew let us know that the Yellow Welly Competition would take part on the May holiday weekend. It gave the Thursday after school class a brilliant project as it was to be a window display that included the famous YELLOW WELLY! We chose […]

Schools Competition.

We would like to invite all primary school pupils in East Lothian to take part in our FREE SCHOOL COMPETITION. Posters should be in their way to your school. We are asking entries to be with us by the 28th of May for judging and there will be a prize giving on Sat the 11th June […]

Sea Glass

I don’t think I know anyone who hasn’t done a bit of a beach combing when they see some cool collectables on our beautiful East Lothian beaches. Sea Glass is such a gorgeous wee gem to find its no wonder my friend Valerie Severn wanted to make her gathered glass into something to show off. She popped […]

Shop Fish

On Monday our 5 new residents arrived at the shop. Bought from Dunbar Garden Centre our four Fantails and one Weather Loach were introduced to their new home at the Fingers and Thumbs aquarium. They seem to be right at home. Since their arrival we have held a free competition to be entered by absolutely everyone […]

Silver Work with Dave

Pre Christmas we took Fingers and thumbs to some events locally to show off all that we do. With the studio being in the front of the shop, many people do not know we do classes in different crafts. I did a bit of silver smithing for 2 years at collage so we offer our […]